We got another Q&A for you guys this week, a new strong addition to the backs, Paul Foster

How long have you been with the team?

"Been with the team coming up to a year, I moved to Ireland in august last year and think I joined around October."

Being one of the newest members of the team, how did you find the process of becoming a Raven?

"Seamless, it really was so much easier than I thought. For anyone who would be interested in giving it a go take my word for it, even if you’ve no playing experience there’s always a part to play in the ravens. Such a good group."

Is there any other position you would like to try out next season other than winger?

"Well for me being on the wing is a new position so I’m actually enjoying the freedom of it as I used to play 13."

What is your favorite moment in a Ravens jersey?

"Probably the first game I had again UCD. I never thought I’d play rugby again so running on the pitch for the first time in nearly 6 years was massive for me. And I scored a try.

Another amazing time was going on tour to wales. Met some really amazing people and had such a brilliant time"

Now that pre-season is finally here, have you been doing anything during the summer to keep active and fit?

"I’ve been trying to gain weight as well as keeping pace, so lots of hill sprints mainly. I box often as well to just trying to incorporate different exercises in sessions to try and build a good core."