Preseason Is Coming

If you have ever thought to try rugby for the first time or you're thinking of giving it another go, you're in luck.

Preseason is just around the corner and BGF Ravens would like you join :)

If you'd like to know any more information, reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram or email us directly at

You Will Be Missed!

BGF Ravens would like to wish Simon Boyne a big farewell as he retires from playing rugby. We want to say a big thank you for all you have done in the 14 years you have been with us. You have helped hold this team together in it's darkest hour when others have walked away, to see years later a team we hope you are proud of. We wish you all the best :)

For this weeks Q&A we have another member of the backs, our one and only Alan Murray :)

How long have you been with the team?

"I've been with the team since 2018, so 4 years now"

Now that the covid restrictions look to be finally done with, have you noticed any change in your fitness and health (physically or mentally)?

"I think mentally everything's easier because it's been easier to get out and meet people and do things that were shut down. Physically the lungs took a battering with covid but they're getting better all the time"